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Admire La Bufadora, Try Coasteering and Explore Punta Banda

To the furthest westerly point of the Punta Banda peninsula, the piece of land that rises up from the Bahía de Todos Santos to the south, there is a spectacle you simply can’t miss the chance to see: La Bufadora—an impressive marine geyser.

The waves rush into a cave opening which simply cannot contain the thrashing water, the only way out is being forced through a narrow cleft between the rocks. Then a jet of water shoots upwards; with a crescendo of sound and force, which only increases as the tide rises higher. 
The viewpoint is the perfect spot to watch the phenomenon from up above, but the best view can be found aboard a kayak in the sea.  
Around La Bufadora, the many tourists are well served by food and handicraft stalls 

The most daring visitors can enjoy coasteering in Bahía del Papalote, which boasts the ideal cliffs for this activity. The route involves two sections of rappel line, 82 and 105 feet respectively, a short walk between rocks and swimming in a warm blue pool to end the experience.   
Many enjoy snorkeling and diving in the vicinity of Punta Banda, while the fishermen catch cod, rockot, cabrilla, sole, horse mackerel and barracuda from the salty waters

Why not take a kayak trip along the Punta Banda estuary, a ramsar site that is included in the Pacific Migratory Route? The area is also recognized as lands of the Kumai people, who depicted the area in their paintings. Hiking, fishing, swimming, walking, biking and bird watching are all part of the diverse range of options on offer 

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La Bufadora, Punta Banda I, B.C., México

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