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Savor the Produce of Relieve Winery 

Around 20 years ago, passionate wine enthusiast and local architect, Wenceslao Martínez Santos accepted his friend’s proposal to make a barrel of wine together. What began as a simple hobby, became an enduring passion, resulting in this family project which now produces 3,000 cases a year and soon hopes to increase to 30,000. 

The company is now run by his son Wenceslao Martínez Payán, who is also the winemaker enologist. This winery is a perfect stop to learn more about grape varieties, since their reds are all monovarietal wines, both those from the Relieve line, with young wines, and those from the premium line (the Nebbiolo is not to be missed). In addition, there is a charming restaurant called Mixtura on site, offering delectable regional dishes. 


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Relieve Vinícola, Calle Granate, Villa de Juárez, B.C., México

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