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Arco del Tiempo
Arco del Tiempo

The course of the Cañón Río La Venta, also referred to as the Cañón Sagrado (Sacred Canyon), eventually leads to a limestone formation that took millions of years for nature to create. The river is interrupted, or some might say adorned, by a rock arch around 650-foot-tall, 160-foot-wide, and 980-foot-long 

It’s a palace of cold walls that have been polished by water and wind. You can travel from one end to the other by boat, navigating through the shadows beneath the enormous stalactites hanging above you.  

You will see parrots flying through the air, their noisy squawks amplified inside the arch’s huge dome. The best time to visit is during the dry season, when the river’s water level is not too high, so it’s easy to walk through the rainforest before reaching the cliffs that you abseil down.

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Arco Del Tiempo, Cintalapa, Chis., México

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