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Collect a Pot from Mata Ortiz

This artists’ colony has become known for its handicrafts inspired by the region made up of northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S., and especially for employing the techniques originally used to create this pottery: wood, cow manure, vegetable paints, and local minerals. 

Mata Ortiz is a type of pottery that is drawn from the traditional pottery found in northwestern Mexico and the southwestern U.S. 

The pottery is distinctive for the traditional technique used to produce these vessels, employing wood, cow dung, vegetable paints, and local minerals. The technique was re-discovered and developed by master potter Juan Quezada, who received the National Arts and Sciences Prize. A visit to his gallery reveals the wide variety of pieces created by the many artisans from Mata who have learned the technique. 

There are pots and vessels for all budgets. 



Unnamed Road, Chihuahua, México

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