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Visit the Hacienda de San Diego 

Along the highway that heads to Mata Ortiz are the remains of the lovely Hacienda de San Diego. Stately and beautiful, this estate is similar to many others throughout the state. Story has it that it was owned by the richest man in the state of Chihuahua, Luis Terrazas. But when he finished building it, he had to flee the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution. His initials are still visible on the facade of the hacienda.  

Despite their neglect, the buildings are well preserved. Moreover, the estate had its brush with history. In March 1911, after losing the battle of Casas Grandes, revolutionaries hid out here and named Francisco I. Madero as provisional president of the Republic. For many, this hacienda still symbolizes, in its own way, the Palacio Nacional, or seat of government. 



Hacienda de San Diego, Casas Grandes, Chih., México

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