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Tijuana has recently cultivated a penchant for coffee; more and more cafés are popping up, committed to the quality of the aroma, different extraction methods and a dedication to finding just the right roast for their drinks. This kind of specialization can be seen in Sospesso; a project lead by Alberto Song, an activist and coffee ambassador in the city of Tijuana for more than thirty years; he has been an international taster for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) since 2005. His taste in and knowledge of coffee has placed his project on the international stage. He has collaborated with local breweries to unite coffee with the hops that create Xocoveza, Sospesso IPA from the Tap Room collection and Lupulosa Geisha. Baristi, for their part, have followed a path of creation of new and different drinks using coffee, milk, essences and liquors; this has earned some of their baristas global recognition. Their drinks can be found in different stores around the city and in Hidalgo, a stall within Mercado Hidalgo. Tostador Red Coffee is another project also recognized for its results in roasting coffee beans. The origins and paths of Electric Coffee Roasters and Páramo are defined by their attempt to boost and promote coffee culture. They offer an exquisite tasting bar and a great atmosphere.

Coffee has now joined the ranks of artisanal beer as a drink consumed in great quantities by Tijuana locals, who are not just attracted by the quality of the coffee but also by the wonderful service and cozy nature of the cafés. Café Praga fits this description, which charms its clients not only with its art deco style but also with their lattes, prepared with flavored syrup, cinnamon, and sweetened with brown sugar. The soft pink tones of Azúcar Coffee Shop fuse with violets and blues to bring life to the diverse combinations of authentic flavors they offer, just like Malvia, which is inspired by mixing lavender, hibiscus flower, cardamom, rose and cinnamon to create their drinks. Cafés Das Cortez has seduced Tijuana locals with their lavender latte and their shot of espresso with sorbet. Café Latitud 32 offers the taste of delicious coffee while watching the waves come and go and listening to good music, the perfect recipe for a pleasure-filled moment.

Gastronomy and bakery complement one another in many cafés; the taste of a good coffee, herbal teas, black teas, and sandwiches are what form the essence of Milo & Rocco, Farniente, Pichino’s Coffee & Crew, Nativo, Gazzo, Leccero, Brother’s Cold Brew, Ojos Claros Café, Saint Cocó Coffee Bar (they use milk from cows reared on the country’s best farms), Cru Coffee Roasters and Sur a Norte (both roast the beans they use for their drinks carefully). In this market, Quimérico has captured the hearts of gourmets; under the leadership of chef Diego González, graduate of Tijuana’s Culinary Arts School, this place delights customers with its breakfasts and diverse coffee creations.






Tijuana, B.C., México

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