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Nocturnal, bustling, friendly; no matter what situation you might find yourself in, Tijuana is a city that always greets you with a smile and with its arms wide open. Known as a place people pass through, it takes on different identities, it collects demeanors, it invites those who know it to stay. It has ideas and artists, it has music that could only have been born in a land as euphoria- and rhythm-filled as Tijuana’s. Prepare to be welcomed with home-brewed beer, barbecued seafood, and grilled meat tacos!

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Located in a large gorge on the river with which it shares its name, Tijuana was once inhabited by the Kumiai. Then the Spanish arrived and this territory of hills and canyons was overseen by the Mission of San Diego de Alcalá. At the start of the 19th century, the ownership of this land then passed to the Baja Californian politician Santiago Argüello.  

What began as the Tía Juana Ranch would end up becoming a city founded in 1889. Mexico had already lost Alta California, and Valle de Tijuana was left right on the edge of the international division, so the city’s destiny would be forever linked to what took place on the other side of it.  

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