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Monterrey has exquisitely curated, spacious educational museums with fun for everyone, big and small. Plus, they are very original and different from one another. There are three museums with very different looks at history: national history in Museo de Historia Mexicana, regional history in Museo del Noreste (MUNE), and everything to do with local history in Museo del Palacio. And then there is Museo del Vidro (MUVI) showcasing the history of glasswork in Mexico and Niños CONARTE for the littlest visitors.

Useful Information

Block out a good amount of time to visit each museum and really enjoy its collections. The museums are very close to each other, scattered around Macroplaza and Parque Fundidora, except for Museo del Vidrio which is north of downtown.





Museo de Historia Mexicana, Doctor José Ma. Coss, Centro, Monterrey, N.L., México

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