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Rock Climb in Its Caves and Caverns

Xilitla Wild Tour
Sótano de las golondrinas
Jardín de Las Pozas

Thrill seeking? Try out Xilitla’s caves—just the spot to rappel and rock climb—in the middle of the wild rainforest. Salitre, Agua, and Laberinto are the perfect setting for all kinds of climbing, from bouldering to big wall climbing. The area’s pit cave is registered as North America’s deepest cave—impressive, right? They are between 2 and 11 miles away. We recommend venturing in between noon and one o’clock to see how the rays of sunlight filter in through the openings.


On the way out of Xilitla

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If going by yourself, we suggest taking 20 quickdraws, 70 meters of rope, and a helmet. While you can’t camp in the caves or at the Sótano pit cave, Xilitla has campgrounds.


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Xilitla Pueblo Magico Sorprendente Tour, Miguel Hidalgo, Xilitla, S.L.P., México

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