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Do Rappel at Cascadas de Aconco

You can do mountain sports in the gorgeous natural settings of this Magical Town. Live the experience!

Enjoy the breeze as you descend the waterfalls of Aconco. To reach them you’ve got to walk through the trail that takes you through Cañón de Xaltatempa, a canyon some 2,625 feet long. You’ll also cross the Balcón de los Zopilotes, home to two prodigious vulture species. The first waterfall has a height of approximately 115 feet. Here, you can do rappel, with a descent that parallels the falling water. The second is over 246 feet high landing in a pool that constitutes one of the most iconic attractions of Aconco.

The complex has experienced guides for practicing rappel. Those wishing to explore the place can also do so by zipline, horseback rides, or entering the forest nursery.

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Cascadas de Aconco Tetela, Tetela de Ocampo, Pue., México

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