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Walk Around the Lakes

The lakes are an oasis of tranquility inside the city, perfect for a break from the urban rush.

Towards the southwest of Murillo Vidal Avenue is Circuito Presidentes, which connects with the Paseo de los Lagos Ave., here you’ll find the three lakes. In Xalapa there was once a thriving thread and fabric industry, which created a dam to power their factories. It was later transformed into a series of lakes for recreational use by the university zone’s inhabitants.

After following the trail through leafy trees by foot or by bike, we recommend you begin the journey around the three lakes that takes you through the Cultural Center, which has its own theatre and concert space, as well as a temporary exhibition hall.

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Parque de los Lagos, Paseo Los Lagos, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Xalapa-Enríquez, Ver., México

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