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Explore the Historic Center

The center’s narrow streets convey historic and architectural magic, which you can only truly experience when walking.

In the Historic Center, you can start your day with a breakfast of traditional scrambled eggs with refried beans and a lechero (coffee with milk) in the traditional café La Parroquia. The topography of Xalapa means their streets are a little complicated, which is why we recommend you follow the tour on foot. The Xalapa Cathedral, characteristic for its missing tower, is a beautiful neogothic building which you won’t regret visiting.

To one side of the town hall or Palacio de Gobierno is Parque Juárez, Xalapa’s lovely central garden. It is perfect for sitting for a moment and watching as people pass by. The cultural center, named Centro Cultural Ágora, chose it as its home and has developed a cultural atmosphere, since it hosts exhibitions, theatre productions, concerts, conferences, dance shows and cinema showings. On the other side of the park is the Pinacoteca Diego, where the work of renowned contemporary artists is exhibited.





Centro, Xalapa, Ver., México

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