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Ecotourism and Relaxation in Villa Los Maquiques

This spectacular and unique place is perfect for distancing yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply relaxing.

This is the area’s most recommended rural hotel and a good base for travelling to Xalapa, Jalcomulco and the Magical Towns of Xico and Coatepec. It is named after some arborescent ferns that are at risk of extinction, and in this corner of the world there are still a few living specimens. Among the activities on offer are horse-riding, mountain biking, and hiking along a trail to a waterfall. If you want to relax, don’t hesitate to try a temascal session. Homemade typical dishes are cooked in their kitchen, and in the small valley next to the river you can sit on a swing and listen to the water as it passes by. As night falls, the fireflies gradually emerge and the torches that light up the path back to your room are lit.



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Villa Los Maquiques, Camino a Chopantla, Veracruz, México

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