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Try Mone, Pishul, and Other Traditional Stews

Enjoy the flavors of the Zoque and Chol cultures. Mone takes center stage: pork or fish stewed with plantain, cilantro, chili and tomato, wrapped in hoja santa (Mexican pepperleaf). Also make sure to try pishul (crunchy fried tortilla with toppings), the local version of a tlayuda; pushianes, soft dough tamales filled with chipilín (a perennial legume); and during season, shotes or stream snails in green salsa. Don’t forget the cooked chestnuts; Tapijulapa is one of the few places in Mexico where they are cultivated and eaten. To try these typical flavors, we recommend El Sabor de la Sierra, a restaurant that specializes in regional food. It’s worth spending plenty of time here and trying a little bit of everything.





el sabor de la sierra, Centro, Tapijulapa, Tabasco, México

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