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Visit the Mutusay Workshops

This Magical Town in the Tabasco mountains is home to a unique activity that does not take place anywhere else in Mexico. Here the mutusay root, a natural fiber similar to wicker, is used to weave chairs, tables, beds, and any piece of furniture that the mind can imagine and a skilled craftsman can create. Mutusay furniture is perfect for hot weather.

There are approximately 15 workshops with which the town’s inhabitants are connected. We recommend the one run by Juan Carlos Ortiz, whose pieces of furniture possess noticeable warmth. His experience weaving mutusay dates back to when he was 13 years old. Alongside his parents he creates furniture and small objects such as baskets and fans. He even won first place in the state handicrafts competition. Don’t miss it!

Take the opportunity while staying in Tapijulapa and take the time to meet the protagonists of the Handicrafts Corridor: Artesanías Villa Luz, La Esmeralda de la Sierra, Artesanías San José and Artesanías ED, dedicated to jewelry using liana, seeds, stones and some metal pendants.




Muebles Mutusay, Nueva Creación, Tapijulapa, Tab., México

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