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Sample on Culinary Specialties

Among the traditional dishes are lomitos (pieces of pork stewed with serrano pepper, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and longaniza sausage), relleno negro stew with meat and chilis, pan de cazón (layers of dogfish, tortillas, and beans bathed in spicy tomato sauce), stuffed cheese (with ground beef, almonds, raisins, olives, capers, and peppers, bathed in a white sauce), spicy cochinita pibil stewed pork, panuchos (tortillas filled with beans and heaped with toppings), salbutes (deep fried tortillas topped with shredded chicken or turkey, tomato, avocado, and pickled red onion), poc chuc (pork marinated in bitter orange juice and other ingredients), lima soup (a variety of lime), and candy made of papaya or pumpkin. La Casona, El Mesón del Marqués, and Taberna de los Frailes are good spots to fall in love with these dishes.






Valladolid, Yuc., México

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