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Try Dulces Bernal and other delights

Hit the spot with something sweet

Gorditas de maíz quebrado are a must. Head to Portal de Doña Tere to try these stuffed pockets of cracked-corn dough served with crushed red chili sauce.

There’s plenty of history behind the nopal en penca. The dish consists of an open cactus paddle that serves as container for cooking a filling generally consisting of cactus chunks, tomato, onion, and chili pepper. Ask for it at El Mirador.

Restaurante Grucado is your choice for cuts of beef and local ranch cheeses. La Troje (at Hostal Medieval) is where you’ll find unbeatable fresh cream biscuits served with house jams. Don’t forget the milk caramels and candies at Dulces Bernal. Hands down, they’re the best desserts you’ll find in the region.





Bernal, Qro., México

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