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Climb the rock. Taste and tour Los Azteca wines. Enjoy the variety of milk candies. Check out the collections at the town’s museums as you get to know it inside and out.

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What makes it magical

This quiet, peaceful corner of Querétaro is a place of Chichimec origins. Here, where time stands still, the people live at an unhurried pace. Wherever you go, the Peña de Bernal is always present. Peace, tranquility, and mystery radiate out from this imposing monolith, while the town’s streets are filled with colorful textiles and delicious food and candies. Above, people climb to the loftiest points of the rock and explore the caves up high.

Why you should go

The Peña de Bernal

  • It’s the third largest monolith in the world, after the Rock of Gibraltar and Brazil’s Pao de Açúcar.
  • It’s approximately 10 million years old, with an estimated mass of 20 million metric tons.
  • It is said to bestow vitality on the people living in its proximity.
  • It’s home to hundred-year-old barrel cactus.
  • The original dwellers, the Chichimec people, left behind obsidian arrowheads and the remains of a mortar.

At the very least

Arrange to see the rock with Ecoturismo Los Cuervos, they’ll take you higher than you’d imagine. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to go up.

Don’t miss

  1. Seeing the Cueva de la Calavera (Skull Cave) and learning about its history at the rock.
  2. Doing a tour and wine tasting at Vinos Azteca.
  3. Buying pecan milk candies at Dulces Bernal.