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Try the Town’s Traditional Dishes

Comitán’s cuisine has complex flavors, is very varied, and includes countless delicious appetizers. Any time is a good time to try temperante (cinnamon and honey drink), agua de tzilacallote (gourd drink) and comiteco (agave drink); try tortillas con asiento (tortillas dipped in a chili sauce then fried and sprinkled with cheese), chalupas (thick tortillas covered with toppings), chinculguajes (tortillas filled with beans, cilantro and chili); we recommend those served in Ta Bonitío. In the afternoon, you might feel the urge for sausage, lengua en pebre (cow tongue covered in tomato, almond, olives and raisins), lengua or cueza baldada (tongue or chayote cooked with egg, cheese and spices), chicharrón de hebra (crispy pork rind), or olla podrida (meat and vegetable stew).






Ta Bonitío, Central Norte, Centro, Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas, México

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