Things to do

Visit its Churches and Squares

As you walk through Comitán, take the time to visit its squares and churches. To the east you will find Plaza de la Marimba and the Templo de Guadalupe. To the south, the Avenida Central will lead you to the Templo de San José, with its neogothic architecture, and the Plaza del Arte. Further away, in front of the Parque de la Corregidora, you will see the baroque facade of the Templo de San Sebastián. Historic events have taken place in both, such as the proclamation of Chiapas’ Act of Independence. On the other side of Comitán, to the north, you will find the Templo de San Caralampio. 






Plaza del Arte, San José, Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas, México

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