cenote atik tulum

Atik Tulum

Descend into the Maya underworld at this fascinating natural park.

atik tulum

Atik is a nature park located near the Magical Town of Tulum. Enveloped by the jungle, the park boasts natural and artistic attractions that promise an unforgettable experience.

atik tulum

Attractions at Atik Tulum 

At Atik, nature intertwines with art. It’s a place that embraces the Mayan concept of the underworld, aiming to offer visitors a mystical experience through theatricality and aesthetics. 

The main attraction is the cenote sinkhole, distinct from many others in the area as it is an open cenote, sheltered by tall stone walls adorned with roots and vines that remind you that you’re in the heart of the jungle. A kayak is available for use in the cenote. 

There’s also a jacuzzi, its walls adorned with replicas of skulls from native monkeys in the area. 

Yet, what truly sets this natural park apart are its artistic installations. Explore the Akbal gallery, a journey through the jungle where you’ll witness various sculptures and installations referencing Mayan culture.

How to Get There

Atik is located at km 10 on the Tulum-Cobá road, just 10 minutes from downtown Tulum.

Hours and Fees

Atik is open from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. 

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • General Ticket with access to the entire park – $449 MXN pesos
  • General Ticket with access to the entire park for locals – $320 MXN pesos
  • General Ticket limited to the cenote – $299 MXN pesos
  • General Ticket limited to the cenote for locals – $220 MXN pesos

Location: Cenote Atik Tulum, Rancho Viejo, Quintana Roo

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CENOTE ATIK TULUM, Rancho Viejo, Q.R., México

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