Griddles and Embroideries

Embroideries, lace open work, pots, pestle and mortars, and griddles or hot plates (here called “comales”) are some of the handicrafts that make Comala unique. 

To understand why Comala is the “place where griddles are made”, you must visit Alfarería Torres, Manuel Torres’ place of work, where he makes hotplates, pots, casserole dishes, and pestle and mortars. 

Head towards Zacualpan and visit the workshops where they make embroidered cotton clothes. Their most distinctive items of clothing are the ajuar de indias (Indigenous women’s trousseau) onto which they embroider images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, or the men’s overcoats. Lace open work is another one of the techniques they use. 




Jardin Principal Zacualpan, Alto, Zacualpan, Col., México

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