Tourist Corridor

Less than a mile from the Presa de las Higueras (Dam of the Fig Trees), on the federal road 30, you will find the entrance to the Tourist Corridor (on Kilometer 89). This corridor consists of four stops along the Río Candela, connected by one dirt track.  

Los Carricitos 

The first stop is the Balneario Los Carricitos (Los Carricitos Water Park), a group of swimming pools, paddling pools, canals, huts, groves, and barbecues on the riverbank. 

Ojo Caliente 

This small natural pool, several meters wide, is where the area’s main hot water spring is found. It is easy to make out the movement of the crystalline water emerging from the depths, stirring up the lower layers of sediment.  

Las Lajitas 

About half a mile upriver from Los Carricitos, is one of the Río Candela’s most beautiful sections, called Las Lajitas. Here, the riverbed is formed of large, flat rocks layered upon one another, forming a kind of natural staircase. The water flows over the rocks, getting trapped between some and forming lovely natural pools (some of them are very deep), and others create small waterfalls.  

El Frentón 

About half a mile further along, after a curve in the river, is El Frentón, the last stop along the Touristic Corridor. It consists of a large mountain rock face, used a great deal by lovers of rock climbing and rappelling.  

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Los Carricitos / Corredor Turístico Las Lajas, Candela, Coahuila de Zaragoza, México

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