Playa Punta Cocos

Playa Punta Cocos

Playa Punta Cocos, a silent oasis in Holbox. Located on the western edge of the island, Punta Cocos is a refuge tucked inside paradise

Playa Punta Cocos is the perfect beach on Holbox to relax, step away from the lively town, and soak up the natural surroundings and the peacefulness of the ocean.

Located on the western edge of the island, Punta Cocos is a refuge tucked inside paradise.

What Is There to Do on Playa Punta Cocos?

This beach is on the part of the island that is the farthest from the hotels, restaurants, and businesses, making it especially serene.

However, there is a beach club offering shaded beds, hammocks, and lounge chairs, as well as food and beverage service. There is also a lovely dock you can stroll along.

The water at Punta Cocos is very quiet, and on most days, there are almost no waves, so it is the perfect spot to get your toes wet, relax, and bask in the sun. If you are traveling as a family, this is a great beach for the little ones to enjoy the water.

Between April and October, you may encounter some flamingos in the area, especially if you visit the beach early in the morning.

In the evenings, people tend to gather on the so-called “corner” of the island to gaze at the spectacular sunset. It is truly a magical moment!

At night, this is one of the best spots to check out the well-known phenomenon of bioluminescence. This occurs thanks to microorganisms that live in the ocean and produce chemical reactions when they are shaken or disturbed. These reactions play out as light energy which is visible when it is very dark, such as on moonless nights.

How to Get There

Punta Cocos is 1.2 miles from downtown Holbox. Cherna and Pedro Joaquín Coldwell streets lead directly to the beach.

To get here, you can walk, hail a taxi, drive a golf cart, or pedal a bike.


Playa Punta Cocos, Lázaro Cárdenas, Chetumal, Q.R., México

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