Parque La Venta-Cabeza-Olmeca-México-Tabasco

Tapijulapa Botanical Garden

Jardín Botánico de Dios

The work Don Isidro Cruz Martínez has done with the land has materialized into a 35-acre treasure chest of botanical knowledge, which he named “God’s Botanical Garden”. Don Isidro is a well-known local herbal doctor, and he and his family care for more than 300 medicinal plants in this beautiful garden. You will find endemic and tropical species here, almost all of them for culinary use as well as having medicinal properties. Take the opportunity to ask for a massage and a consultation with one of the herbal experts; you will emerge feeling energetic and clear-headed.



Health & Wellness


Jardin Botanico "El Jardin De Dios", Carretera a Tapijulapa, Tabasco, México

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