Malecón de Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk

Malecón de Puerto Vallarta

Locals say that if you go to Puerto Vallarta without heading to the boardwalk, it’s like you never went. It’s not an exaggeration. This seaside stroll has become the heart and soul of this Jalisco destination. Built in 1936, it’s one of the best spots for enjoying sunsets over the Pacific. Along its one-and-a-quarter-mile length, you’ll find restaurants, bars, handicrafts, an outdoor theater, and even the Voladores de Papantla (“Flying Men” of Papantla).

The boardwalk also has an area where bronze, iron, rock, and polymer resin figures adorn the view of the sea and are a constant among the endless flow of passersby. Over half a dozen artists have contributed works in order to create this “open air museum,” making Vallarta Mexico’s beach destination where you’ll find the greatest number of artistic works in the public sphere. There’s the Fuente de la Amistad (“The Friendship Fountain”), the work of sculptor James (Bud) Bottoms, the statue of Neptuno-Nereida, half-fish half-human figures, and The Boy on the Seahorse sculpted by Rafael Zamarripa, and more.




En Busca de la Razón, Paseo Díaz Ordaz, Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jal., México

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