Museo del Textil Lak Puj Kul

Lak Puj Kul Textile Museum

Museo del Textil
Museo del Textil Lak Puj Kul

On Palenque’s main square you will find this textile museum, which in Mayan means “our clothing”. As well as an amazing selection of textiles from Chiapas, here you can also learn about the evolution of this handicrafts practice. Learn how they make the cloth, how they dye it, how they weave it and all the different uses it has.

Currently, the museum has only a few examples of old textiles, since these pieces of clothing are made with plant fibers that tend to decompose. In ancient times, as well as mineral and animal pigments, they also used plants and seeds for color extraction. Some of the region’s most recognized items of clothing are the huipil (embroidered blouse), the jorongo (poncho), skirts, and tunics. Don’t miss out on learning all about this ancient practice!



Parque Central, Centro, Palenque, Chis., México

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