punta sur

Punta Sur

Art, a temple, and Mexico's first sunrise.

punta sur

Punta Sur marks Mexico’s easternmost territory, the first to see the sun’s rays emerge, creating a spectacle for tourists from all latitudes.

Your journey to Isla Mujeres isn’t complete without a visit to Punta Sur, the site of Mexico’s first sunrise.

What to do at Punta Sur 

As the name suggests, Punta Sur is located at the southernmost tip of Isla Mujeres. On the map, it’s the easternmost point in the entire country, narrowly edging out Punta Molas, north of Cozumel. 

Thanks to its unique position, travelers gather at Punta Sur early in the morning to witness the sun begin to rise over Mexico. 

Moreover, here you can admire a collection of 23 outdoor sculptures by artists from around the world. Vicente Rojo, José Luis Cuevas, Manuel Felguérez, Sebastián, Moncho Amigo, and Bruce Beasley are just a few of the artists who contributed their work to this open space overlooking the sea. 

It’s also where the memory of Ixchel—the Mayan goddess of the moon, love, and fertility—is honored. Her temple gives the island its name.

Other activities on Isla Mujeres 

On Isla Mujeres, there’s much more to do than just relaxing and sunbathing on its beautiful beaches. Activities centered around water are the highlight, such as snorkeling, kayaking, or swimming with colorful fish. Try any of these at Garrafon Park, a nature park with shallow reefs and gentle currents, perfect for these sports. 

Swimming with dolphins is also popular at Isla Mujeres. A reputable place to do so is Dolphins Discovery, a specialized water park where you can interact closely with these adorable and intelligent cetaceans.







Punta Sur, Quintana Roo, México

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