Ruins of the San Bernardo Mission

Robust and brimming with history, the San Bernardo Mission is a town emblem. 

It’s an emblem of the Franciscans’ process of evangelization in the north of Coahuila, in indigenous towns close to the Río Bravo, the region now known as Texas. Its baroque buildings were the origin of Guerrero’s foundation.  

The main attraction in Guerrero is, without doubt, the ruins of the San Bernardo Mission, located just over half a mile northeast of the main square.

Just like many other Franciscan churches in Mexico, the Latin cross floor plan, 102-foot-long, faces east, where the sun rises. Its uneven walls are made of dressed stone. This is one of the border region’s most photogenic architectural spaces.  




Misión de San Bernardo 1702, Guerrero, Coahuila de Zaragoza, México

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