Don Baldomero Vineyards

With the support of José Milmo, the director of Casa Madero, the businessman Saúl Rodríguez decided to establish a vineyard, and in 2009 he bought French and Californian plants. He planted them next to his walnut trees, south of Piedras Negras. This was the beginning of a very fortunate experiment.  

Of course, the location is surprising. There are only 5 miles between the vineyard and the Rio Grande del Norte.  And, although the Gulf of Mexico is 218 miles away, it is only 886 feet above sea level.  

Saúl Rodríguez started out with 5 acres of Shiraz grapes. The Californian vines have responded better than the French, and his first harvest took place in 2011. The fermentation process was carried out in Casa Madero, in Parras.  

The wine’s label reads Don Baldomero, Vino Tinto Mexicano, a name that pays homage to his father.  





Guerrero, Coahuila de Zaragoza, México

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