There is something for everyone in Rosarito; the waves that surfers dream of, the creative atmosphere of the art galleries, the marine worlds nestled around the islands, the flavors of lobster and beer, the magnificent views of Rosarito from above.... all this and so much more keeps visitors coming back.

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South of Tijuana, alongside the Pacific coast are the infinite beaches of Rosarito. At times, the seashore is rocky, with cliffs falling away into the waves, whereas in other areas the fine sand is left exposed for miles. The hotels have spas perfect for an idyllic escape, while the Pacific exhilarates with its crashing waves. The landscapes, the climate and the tourist attractions are what make Rosarito the perfect destination for those who want to marry here.  

In Puerto Nuevo, you can enjoy lobster, fraternize with the fishermen at Popotla, enjoy an exhilarating quad bike ride over the dunes of Primo Tapia, surf between Punta Descanso and Punta Mezquite, enjoy a day in the country on one of the area’s many ranches, fly in an ultralight over the coast, feel an adrenaline rush rappelling down a rocky outcrop above the sea, stroll along extensive trails in the Cerro de Coronado hills or the Cañón del Descanso, or dive in and allow yourself to be captivated by the reefs in the waters of Islas Coronado or the Parque Submarino, amazed by the underwater world which calls the kelp forests home.  

Foodies are guaranteed a wonderful trip, with many dishes to tantalize the taste buds: restaurants with unique menus, designed to pair perfectly with the state’s wines, or traditional flavors which marry with homemade artisanal beers. Rosarito is just waiting to be explored.