Quintana Roo Tulum

Swim in Tulum’s Cenote Pools!

Discover these astounding formations, some open to the sky above and others tucked underground. They hide an astonishing subterranean world.

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Near this Magical Town in Quintana Roo there are several stunning bodies of fresh water that draw tourists from around the world. We recommend visiting Tulums cenote pools and marveling at these extraordinary natural formations. Plus, you can even dive in!

These formations are called cenotes—a term only used in Mexico. They are flooded caverns whose name comes from the Maya word dzonot, meaning “abyss.” More than 2,400 of these one-of-a-kind ecosystems run throughout the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico.


Tulums Must-See Cenotes

Quintana Roo is famous for having these formations running under the whole state, but some of the most beautiful cenotes are found in Tulum. Cristal and Escondido are two of these natural pools only 3.1 miles south of the city; Aktun-Há is 1.9 miles away, and Casa Cenote is 6.8 miles off.

Gran Cenote is one of the most popular; it is only 2.2 miles away in the direction of Cobá. This system is made up of several cenote pools that create a huge hollow in the land. Their caverns hold stalactites and stalagmites forming bizarre panoramas you can scuba dive through. Or you can swim, snorkel, or picnic in designated areas.

Gran Cenote de Tulum

Get ready for some fantastic pictures, you will see mind-bending formations! Sometimes open to the sky and sometimes tucked inside the caves, these pools all have something eye-catching. If you are looking forward to sharing some incredible pics from your trip, Calavera, Zacil-HaTankahCasa Tortuga, and Dos Ojos are perfect for snapping some astounding shots. But there are even more cenotes waiting to be discovered, it is just a question of planning your getaway and getting ready to go!

It is best to visit with local guides and follow all the visitor requirements. Some have an entrance fee as they are private property or run by cooperatives that preserve and protect for them. Also, be sure to use only lotion, insect repellant, and sunscreen that will not harm the purity of the water.

Photo: Cenote Calavera | Der M.