Quintana Roo Riviera Maya

The Cenotes Route

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Puerto Morelos and experience the ultimate subterranean adventure!

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Puerto Morelos Cenotes: An Oasis of Freshwater

The Cenotes Route begins in Puerto Morelos, a charming coastal town in Quintana Roo, located near international tourist destinations such as Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. It possesses a quaint air and a tranquil, laid-back ambiance.

9 Cenotes

Cenotes are natural freshwater sinkholes that form in the limestone ground, a unique geological peculiarity in the region. The Cenotes Route offers visitors the opportunity to explore them and enjoy activities like diving, swimming, and snorkeling in their crystalline waters.

  1. Cenote Las Mojarras: Among the largest and most beautiful cenotes in the area. A popular spot for snorkeling, diving, and platform jumping.
  2. Cenote Siete Bocas: The perfect cenote to explore by swimming through its diverse entrances connecting to other caverns. A truly unique place.
  3. Cenote Boca del Puma: Part of an ecological park offering various activities such as jungle hiking, biking, and ziplining. You’ll love it!
  4. Cenote Verde Lucero: Known for its incredible natural setting where you can relax in its emerald-green waters.
  5. Cenote La Noria: A naturally beautiful cenote that provides an opportunity to relax and swim in a distinctive environment.
  6. Cenote Zapote: Located in an ecological park, here you can have a complete adventure experience while connecting with nature and Mayan culture.
  7. Cenote Kin Ha: The best example of natural formations within caves. Swim in the 131-foot-deep pit and enjoy recognizing figures you won’t find elsewhere.
  8. Cenote Lu’um: Access to this stunning cenote is for divers as it’s located at some point within the Kaan Luum lagoon.
  9. Cenote Popol Vuh: Nestled in the heart of the jungle, to reach it, you’ll have to traverse 1.06 miles surrounded by nature.

How to Get There

To embark on this route, you can opt for an organized tour from Puerto Morelos or Cancun. If starting from Cancun or any location in the Riviera Maya, renting a car and taking federal highway 307 is the way to go. This highway is the main route connecting Puerto Morelos to nearby towns.