Carnavalito – Tlaxcala’s Carnival

Tlaxcala’s Carnival is held during the three days leading up to Ash Wednesday—a tradition that goes back to the colonial period. During the carnival, camadas (dance troupes) and huehues (traditional dancers) dance through towns’ streets and plazas for several hours a day. Several different groups dressed in colorful costumes perform during the celebration. The main ones are the Charros from Papalotla, Mazatecochco, Acuitlapilco, and Tepeyanco with cowboy motifs, and elegant, skeletal Catrines from Santa Cruz, Contla, and Panotla. Plus, the troupes Cuadrillas from Yauhquemehcan, Chivarrudos from Zacatelco, Cintas from Totolac, and Cuchillos from Toluca de Guadalupe and Nativitas all have their own distinct attire and dances.

When: March



Tlaxco, Tlax., México

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