Day of the Dead in the Lake Region

In each of the towns around the large Lago de Pátzcuaro there are aspects and moments lead the Day of the Dead to have its own unique cultural presentation in each of them.

To the south of Morelia, the towns along the Lago de Pátzcuaro prepare a welcoming, colorful night of celebration. The ceremony for the dead starts on October 31st in the afternoon, with preparation of offerings to set out during the night’s vigil for the littlest angels, the children who have died, called kejtzitakua zapicheri.

Meanwhile, a symbolic duck hunt is carried out. In times past, this bird was used to prepare the dishes offered to the spirits. In homes that have recently lost people, the ceremony starts nine days before November 1st, with the praying of the novena, and the setting up of colorful offerings inside the houses.

Here, visitors are welcomed to accompany the Purépechas in their celebration. Exterior doors, adorned with flowers and black ribbons, are kept open so visitors may come in and see the offerings.

Although it is all part of the same celebration, each of the towns around the massive Lago de Pátzcuaro has its own characteristics and spin that give it its unique cultural display.





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