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Admire its lake and natural scenery, the architecture in its center, and the flavor of its traditional dishes.

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What Makes It Magical

The lake and surrounding landscape together with the stunning architecture in the center have long made Pátzcuaro one of Michoacán’s classic destinations. There is a reason why it has become nationally and internationally famous. Here, the legacy of Don Vasco and the flavors of its traditional dishes are a constant invitation to connect with the setting.

Why You Should Go

The Look of the Town

  • It was once the capital of Michoacán and the Episcopal seat in the time of Don Vasco de Quiroga.
  • It is one of Michoacán’s and the country’s most beautiful urban centers. Cobblestone streets, houses with white walls and red tile roofs, age-old churches, and esplanades make up its winning combination.
  • Vasco de Quiroga, Gertrudis Bocanegra, and San Francisco squares are the highlights of its architectural harmony.

At the Very Least

The Colegio Josefino and the Templo del Sagrario make one of Pátzcuaro’s most photogenic corners.

Don’t Miss

  1. Stroll the streets of the town and get some good pictures.
  2. Take a boat around Lago de Pátzcuaro.
  3. Shop for handicrafts in the little shops downtown.