Quintana Roo Riviera Maya

Themed Hotels in the Riviera Maya for Out-of-This-World Adventures

Feel like a rock or movie star or take selfies with your childhood idols—anything is possible!

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There are themed hotels around Mexico that can transport you into other eras, worlds, and even other dimensions.

Whether you want to feel like a classic Hollywood star in the 60s, a rock star at the top of their career, or a Nickelodeon cartoon, there is a hotel for you!

If for you, staying in a hotel should be more than just a place to sleep, or if you want over-the-top experiences, you have to check out Quintana Roo’s themed hotels for unforgettable experiences. Take note!

Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

If you grew up on Nickelodeon’s shows and cartoons, or if you have small children, don’t miss this resort.

Stay in rooms with Ninja Turtles or SpongeBob themes. Snap a selfie with Patrick Star or the Paw Patrol puppies. One of the hotel’s main attractions is Aqua Nick water park. It features waterslides and pools for all ages. Enjoy a Krabby Patty, get covered in slime, or other fantastic experiences.

Photo: Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

Hard Rock Riviera Maya

There isn’t a better resort for rock fans anywhere. From the minute you step into this hotel, you will know you are in a temple to rock and roll. Every little detail of the place pays homage to the music and musicians who made their mark on the genre. Without a doubt, this is one of Mexico’s top themed hotels.

In addition to large pools and 14 restaurants to choose from, the resort offers unique amenities such as its Music Lab. Here, you can join a band with other hotel guests, create mixes like a DJ, or shoot your own music video. Plus, you can even order an electric guitar up to your room and learn to play along with the videos on the television. The rooms are spacious and glamorous, and there are more activities than you could try in just one visit.

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Photo: Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Spend a few unforgettable days in one of these themed hotels in Mexico

Planet Hollywood Cancún

This is a hotel with movies as the main theme, as you can tell at a glance. The decor even includes original objects that appeared in your favorite films. The experience is designed to make you feel like a true Hollywood star.

Enjoy attractions that are only found here, such as Hollywood Fast Drivers, where you can feel the adrenaline rush of going from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in three seconds. Rio Lento (Slow River) lets you float slowly through gardens, waterfalls, and caves. Other amenities include a screening room, an arcade, and a whole water park.

Photo: Planet Hollywood Cancún

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