Key Islands Route, Chetumal’s Virgin Islands

On the Key Islands Route, the paradisical settings are perfect for water sports such as sailing, kayaking, boat rides, and snorkeling.

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An exceptional tourist route that explores the Caribbean’s natural beauty   

Mexico has many places that continue to surprise and delight us, and the islands and keys are one of these verdant destinations that any nature lover would be delighted to visit. Discover the Key Islands Route and enjoy adventure and beauty, sun and surf.

Ruta de los Cayos

Calderitas, Where the Water Is Green

For this maritime adventure, your departure point is in Calderitas, a fishing village in Quintana Roo. You should know that Calderitas, a tiny town in the Othón P. Blanco municipality, is only 5 miles from the city of Chetumal. In this tourist attraction you can find places to stay and restaurants with unique flavors.

Keep these activities on your radar:

  • Mountain bike along the trails running to Laguna Guerrero, the nearby lagoon.
  • Paddle a kayak to experience the bay in a new way.
  • See manatees at CARMA, also known as Santuario de los Manatíes.
  • Visit Oxtankah archeological site.
  • Sample Calderitas’ spin on seafood, such as Pil-Pil.

Key Islands Route

Now, after exploring Calderitas, get ready to enjoy the white sands and crystal-clear water of these islands and keys.

Tamalcab Island

Kick off your tour on this 5.6-mile-long island tucked inside Chetumal’s bay, in front of Calderitas’ coastline. It is known for its tropical vegetation and wildlife, including ecologically important species such as spider monkeys, lowland pacas, coatis, agoutis, ospreys, and cranes.

Dos Hermanos Islets

Located 35 minutes from Calderitas, these supremely tranquil islets are the perfect spot for sport fishing, boat rides, and bird-watching. There are cormorants, cranes, and frigatebirds. A 98-feet-high lookout point offers the best views of the wildlife.

Key Islands Route: Bits of Paradise in the Ocean

There are a large number of key islands, such as Violín, Palometa, Tigre, Bota, and Venado. The tiny islets wrapped in mangrove forests help preserve the ecosystem. On Cayo Bota and Venado there is lush tropical vegetation that forms rainforest, perfect for exploring as a family or just relaxing in a quiet spot in the middle of nature.

Ruta de los Cayos

How to Get There

First head to Calderitas because all the tours leave from here. From Chetumal take Bahía boulevard or Héroes avenue northward for 5 miles. If you go on the boulevard, you can enjoy views of the ocean along the way.

And that’s how to get to the Key Islands Route to see these locations’ wildlife. They are clean with few tourists, so you can have a truly unique experience.