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Santa Clara del Cobre

Venture into the world of copper handicrafts, explore Lago de Zirahuén, and revel in its delicious cuisine.

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What Makes It Magical

Lovely, welcoming, and nestled in the woods, Santa Clara is, nevertheless, known for its handicrafts. It is the heart of Michoacán’s exquisite culture of craftwork.

Why You Should Go

Copper Workshops

  • The Purépechas have been metalworkers since the pre-Hispanic era. Their expertise grew as craftwork spread during the time of Vasco de Quiroga.
  • Working copper is complex: the reddish metal is beaten, smelted, bent, smoothed, embossed, and chiseled to shape gorgeous objects.
  • D’Artesano, El Portón, and Casa del Artesano are a few of the workshops you should visit during your time in town.

At the Very Least

Visit the Museo Nacional del Cobre and its prize-winning pieces and demo workshop.

Don’t Miss

  1. Shop for handicrafts in one of the workshops or shops.
  2. Admire the town’s churches, especially the old Huatápera chapel.
  3. Kayak on Lago de Zirahuén.