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San Joaquín

Take in the view from the hills. Walk through archeological sites. Make some time for a history lesson. Get your blood pumping on a sierra tour.

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What makes it magical

The ruins at Ranas and Toluquilla are proof that San Joaquín has no beef with its mining past. But its location in the middle of the Sierra Gorda and the Huasteca Region have turned it into a natural and cultural wonderland. Especially in April, when the violin chords start humming and the first rhythmic stomps get underway at the Concurso Nacional de Huapango (Mexico’s National Huapango Dance Competition). For 46 years, the competition has made this Magical Town the Capital of Huapango.

Why you should go

National Huapango Contest

  • It’s the third largest festival in Mexico, according to the country’s National Fine Arts Institute.
  • Due to the competition’s importance, San Joaquín is called the Capital of Huapango.
  • It’s been celebrated for 46 years now and brings together nearly 500 dancers from all over the Huasteca and even from the United States.

At the very least

Get in the front row for an up-close view of the choreography, stage projection, and rhythm and costumes of the competing couples.

Don’t miss

  1. Touring one of the archeological sites.
  2. Exploring Gruta de los Herrera.
  3. Taking a bike ride through a stretch of the Sierra Gorda.