Aventúrate y explora por el Río Fuerte
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El Fuerte

Hear the murmur of its river, discover legends about its old mansions, and fall in love with Yoreme culture.

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What Makes It Magical

The setting seems to be straight out of the pages of a fantastical story. You will be enchanted by its history that tells of the bravery of former townspeople and famous legends such as Zorro, which are told along its cobbled streets. But pride of place is given to the Yoreme, who have preserved their traditions into present day and share them gladly..

Why You Should Go

Come into Contact with the Yolem’me (Yoreme) Culture

  • Yoreme people speak Mayo.
  • They call themselves Yoreme: “the one who respects [tradition]”, in contrast to Yori “the one who does not respect…,” or the white man.
  • They worship flowers, birds, and deer.
  • You can see Yoreme in nearby towns, dancing and creating handicrafts, or learn about their history in Museo El Fuerte.

At the Very Least

Take home a cushion or tortilla holder that Yoreme people have embroidered by hand. You will get a piece of their colorful outlook on life.

Don’t Miss

  1. Take the Chepe train to Los Mochis, or ride it the other way to Chihuahua.
  2. Sleep in a more than 250-year-old mansion dating from colonial times, such as Hotel El Fuerte or Posada del Hidalgo.
  3. Take pictures of the river with the same name as the town from on top of Museo El Fuerte.

Aventúrate y explora por el Río Fuerte