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Mier is a border town with enchanting architecture. Visit its rivers and admire at its artisans’ work.

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What Makes It Magical

Mier is the oldest border town and has witnessed great battles, in one of which it beat the Texas army during the war with the United States. Here, ancestors are honored for their bravery and fortitude, as seen in the Casa de los Frijoles Pintos.

Why You Should Go

Falcon Dam

  • One of the country’s largest dams.
  • Beneath it lies an old, flooded city.
  • Many legends are told about its former inhabitants.

At the Very Least

Take a boat ride around Falcon Dam to admire the vegetation and wildlife.

Don’t Miss

  1. Go on guided tours along the Bravo, Álamo, and San Juan rivers.
  2. Try roasted goat in salsa.
  3. Buy ceramics made of seven different colors of clay.

Juega la lotería en Mier