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Biking Tulum—Explore the Town on Two Wheels

A fun, fast, and inexpensive way to get around this Magical Town—pedal through Tulum!

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Is there a more fun way to explore a new destination? In this Magical Town in Quintana Roo, you can ride from one end to the other and visit its attractions on two wheels. Discover Tulum by bicycle! And if you have already visited this popular destination, it gives you a chance to see it through new eyes and re-discover its charms in a whole new way.

While Tulum is not large, it is well worth taking an afternoon to coast through its quiet streets and enjoy its free-spirited, rural atmosphere. Renting a bike is a great way to get from one place to the other or to just enjoy a ride along the beach or streets.

Photo: Facebook | Tulum

A Spin Through Tulum on a Bike

At this destination, biking everywhere is both practical and cost effective. Plus, you really should have fun biking around at least once on your next visit to Tulum. You can stumble across charming nooks and crannies and natural scenery at your own pace under your own steam.

There are various initiatives where you can rent bikes, and some hotels even have them for guests to rent or borrow. You can take a spin through Tulum, or even go a little farther if you are up for it.

Photo: Facebook | Tulum

There are several stretches of beach in this area that you can get to by biking just a few minutes. Paraíso Beach is close to the ruins if you want a more cultural route. If you continue down the coastal road towards Boca Paila, you can take the bike path to Sian Ka’an, the biosphere reserve, and Tulum’s ruins. Piece of cake!

If you want to explore Tulum by bike, you can also get to its other attractions that are just a few miles away. Gran Cenote, one of the area’s most beautiful natural limestone sinkhole pools, is just two and a half miles towards Cobá. Here, you can take a dip and cool off before continuing on your way. Cristal and Escondido cenotes are just 1.9 miles south of Tulum. Kaan L’uum lagoon is one of the farthest places to bike but covering the 4.3 miles between it and Tulum are no problem. This is the perfect spot to spend a relaxing morning, admiring its colors and cooling off in its water.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to just bike around the streets or cover several miles on two wheels, getting to know Tulum by bike is fun and enjoyable, give it a try!