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Take a trip on a trajinera (traditional flat-bottomed canal boat) and see its dams, explore its mezcalerías (mescal factories), visit its religious buildings, walk through its colonnades, and enjoy its many celebrations.

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What Makes It Magical

The air in Teúl smells of orange blossom, the streets are cobbled, the buildings still conserve unusual quarry stone gargoyles, and the people here walk along unhurried. Its Plaza de Armas greets visitors with its benches, dragon-shaped lanterns, and a kiosk built during the Porfiriato (era when Mexico was ruled by General Porfirio Díaz) at its center. This is how Teúl begins, with a festive atmosphere; everything is honored here: saints, absent children, the pre-Hispanic past, and they do so with violins, dances and masks, as well as with the mescal produced in this corner of Zacatecas.

Why You Should Go

Mescal from Teúl

  • Agave grows abundantly in this area, this is why there are seven different brands of mescal registered here.
  • There are two mescal factories: El Caxcán and the one which belongs to Don Aurelio Lamas.
  • In Don Aurelio’s establishment, you can learn about the process of mescal production and taste the results.
  • As well as liquor, they also make mescal creams with different flavors.

At the Very Least

In the Rincón del Mezcal, a bar in the town center, you can try margaritas, mojitos and cappuccinos made with the liquor.

Don’t Miss

  1. Try the baked gorditas at Hoja de Roble, made with cream, fresh white cheese and brown sugar.
  2. Visit the bar decorated with paper bills, the Cantina La Herradura.
  3. See a show at the Teatro José Isabel Flores.