Things to do

Check Out the Artisans’ Workshops and Browse the Handicraft Market

Unique pieces are made with love in the area’s communities. Ahuirán and its violins, rebozo shawls, and wood carvings; Aranza has its yuccas, toys, and patakua textiles; Cheranástico is known for its cross-stitching; and Pomacuarán boasts its drawn threadwork. Throughout the year, the Instituto del Artesano puts on several handicraft contests. To see local creations, you can visit the artisans’ workshops and chat with the makers, or just walk down the Andador Artesanal pedestrian mall. Pick out a special memento to take home so you’ll always remind this Magical Town.





Casa Del Artesano, Centro, Paracho de Verduzco, Mich., México

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