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Try the Traditional Cooks’ Creations

If Paracho is proud of anything, it is the local cuisine. Here, gastronomic traditions bring together age-old preparation techniques and local ingredients endemic to the region. Its greatest champions are the traditional cooks who are responsible for preserving age-old recipes such as atole de grano (a thick, hot beverage with grains of corn), uchepos (lightly sweet, steamed corn dough), corundas (kind of tamale), and atapakuas (a stew like mole), which are all part of this legacy. At least 36 local bakeries are listed as preparing delicious bread baked in ovens fired with oak logs. Those who live here prize bread baking. Baked goods are usually given as thank you gifts in weddings, baptisms, and funeral services. If you are visiting this Magical Town, make sure to take time to sample the delicacies for sale.





Mercado Municipal, 20 de Noviembre, Centro, Paracho, Mich., México

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