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Taste the flavors of its traditional cuisine, visit the handicraft workshops, and experience one of the town’s festivals.

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What Makes It Magical

Located in the heart of the Tarascan Plateau, Paracho de Verduzco is one of those towns that is firmly rooted in its past. Walking through its streets means hearing violins become pirekuas; seeing wood turn into guitars; and savoring traditional cuisine in the form of uchepos (sweet, steamed corn dough), corundas (the local version of tamales),oraromatic atapakua stew. Additionally, being surrounded by forests lets it offer quiet spots tucked along paths to enjoy with others.

Why You Should Go

Its Musical Heritage: Luthiers, Musicians, Pireris, Festivals

  • This is the Capital Mundial de la Guitarra (World Guitar Capital), where they put on emblematic events: the Festival Internacional de Guitarra (International Guitar Festival) and the Feria de la Guitarra (Guitar Fair).
  • Paracho is home to pireris, musicians who compose and sing pirekuas from the bottom of their hearts.
  • Land of luthiers, whose stringed instruments are internationally acclaimed.

At the Very Least

Visit any luthier’s workshop and learn about how stringed instruments are made. Then, take one home with you.

Don’t Miss

  1. Try ecotourism activities in the natural surroundings.
  2. Taste traditional dishes.
  3. Take part in the Festival Internacional de Guitarra.
  4. Visit one of its community chapels and learn about the craft work done in neighboring towns.