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Shop for Typical Álamos Handicrafts

Álamos’ handicrafts run the gamut—there are objects woven of palm fronds; items crafted from tin, glass, clay, and macramé; as well as textiles, rugs, wool embroidery, and serape wraps. In the Mercado de Artesanías or in Artesanías Chávez you can find artistic creations of the Guarijío and Mayo peoples. According to the town’s records, in the 17th century, workshops taught crafts that drew on the talent of the indigenous towns, such as La Mesa Colorada, Guajaray, Bavícora, El Paso, and Basiroa. This gave rise to the extensive production of rustic wood furniture and figurines made from lighter woods, such as chilicote.

And finally, get some jumping beans. They are seeds that look like beans, but inside a larva develops that, when hot, makes them move and jump. You can pick them up during the town’s celebrations.




Alamos, Son., México

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