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For the adventurers, nothing compares to the Sierra de Parras Canyons.

The Sierra de Parras is south of the town, it is a prolongation of the Sierra Madre Oriental, which begins in Nuevo León. 

Some of its peaks reach up to 6562 feet above sea level, which is very high, considering that Parras only stands at 4921 feet above sea level. This mountain range captures the moisture that originates in the Parras oasis.  

The most famous of them is the Cañón de la Lima; which has a spectacular section located around 2.5 miles south of Parras and is around 1640 foot long. Here, the riverbed is flanked by sedimentary rock walls between 100 and 130-foot-high, of a blue-grey color, and the space between them is gradually becoming narrower and narrower. At a certain point the canyon is only between 7 and 10-foot-wide, and it looks like a labyrinth. In order to get through you have to get into the cold-water pools and climb over the rocks. It goes without saying that exploring this canyon is a very gratifying experience 

Make sure to contact a tour operator so that your journey is as pleasant as possible. 

For lovers of canyoning, there are also the Guadalupe and La Bandera canyons. In a few sections you can even find petroglyphs and cave paintings done by ancient hunter-gatherer groups. 

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