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Climb Up to the Capilla del Santo Madero and Enjoy the View

South of the town, you will find this hill that is home to this chapel, the Capilla del Santo Madero.

Just over half a mile in a straight line, southeast of the Plaza de Armas, and close to the Estanque de la Luz, you can see the Cerro del Sombreretillo. 

A spiraling trail around 1640-foot-long will lead you to the top where you will find the Capilla de la Santísima Cruz, also known as the Capilla del Santo Madero

El Santo Madero is a very old cross, which has been worshipped for centuries. It used to be exposed to the elements, but the wind knocked it over several times, so the people of Parras cooperated to build a formal chapel.

Work commenced in 1868 and it was complete two years later. From the top of the hill, the view of Parras is spectacular, you can see its farms and the mountains that surround them.




cerro del sombrerillo, parras coahuila

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